National Cytotechnology Day

National Cytotechnology Day 2018 Design Contest

Congratulations to 2018 winner, Timothy Nkwasibwe of Makerere University College of Health Sciences in Kampala, Uganda!  His winning design, "Cell Detectives" will be featured on t-shirts this year.  The proceeds will benefit the ASCT Foundation.

What is National Cytotechnology Day?

The idea for NCD was first entertained and pursued at the ASCT Interim meeting in Atlanta, Georgia back in 1984 by ASCT member Bruce Buschmann. History was made the following year in Philadelphia, PA when the week of May 12-18, 1985 became the first ever National Cytotechnology Week. The presentation of the proclamation, given by then Mayor of Philadelphia, W. Wilson Goode, was attended by Past ASCT President, Shirley Greening. Many local celebrations, mayoral and gubernatorial proclamations followed as NCD events grew in popularity.

In addition to celebrating the important work of Dr. George Papanicolaou, NCD has been utilized as a means to promote the importance of the Pap test in women's health and the contributions of cytotechnologists to the health care field.

May 13 is National Cytotechnology Day

To commemorate Dr. George Papanicolaou's contributions to the field of medicine, May 13 - his birthday - has been designated National Cytotechnology Day (NCD).

National Cytotechnolgoy Day might be over but we still have shirts! If you are interested in purchasing a shirt with the 2017 design and slogan contact to see what sizes and colors are still available.

Need inspiration from the past? View past NCD contest winners designs:

 2017 NCD winner, Allison Yelton


Ways to celebrate National Cytotechnology Day in your lab:

  • Educate others in your laboratory, hospital and community about the work of Dr. George Papanicolaou and the importance of the Pap test
  • Invite local high school and college students to your lab to inform them of a career in cytotechnology and what academic and technical requirements are necessary
  • Make a poster or exhibit or provide a lab tour to educate others about what cytotechnologists do
  • Get an official NCD proclamation from the governor or mayor
  • Proudly wear t-shirts celebrating NCD
  • Bake cookies decorated as various types of cells and share with colleagues
  • Create and play games like Cytojeopardy with your staff - it's both fun and educational

The ASCT would like to share how labs celebrate NCD. Please send us photos, ideas and articles on how you celebrated NCD this year to Your lab will be featured in the next issue of The Voice.