Why Exhibit?

The ASCT Annual Conference is our principle venue for educating cytotechnologists, cytopathologists, lab managers, teachers, students and more in both the established and latest innovations in the profession. At the ASCT Conference, you will have a chance to visit with cytotechnology professionals and decision makers. The intimate size of our audience will guarantee plenty of one-on-one time with key clients. Your current and future customers will be at the ASCT Conference.

Exhibit Opportunities

Exhibits are table top only. Includes: breakfast, morning and afternoon breaks in the exhibit hall Friday and Saturday, Friday evening Welcome Reception, signage in exhibit hall, company name on the ASCT website, and inclusion of contact information and product description in registration materials.The Exhibit Space will consist of tabletop exhibits. Each exhibitor will be provided with a six-foot table, two chairs and a wastebasket. Please plan on making arrangements for the set-up of your display, as there is no official decorator for this meeting.

Registration for two company representatives is included. Additional company representatives or guests may be registered for an additional fee of $100 per person. 

For questions or more information, contact  info@asct.com.

Additional Sponsorship Opportunities

ASCT offers many different sponsorship opportunities. Have another idea of a sponsorship? Let us know!

  • Friday Evening Welcome Reception
  • Friday or Saturday Breakfast
  • Morning or Afternoon Breaks
  • Student Registration Sponsorship
  • Conference Lanyards
  • Conference Pens
  • Conference Bags

Advertising Opportunities

  • Workshop Splash Page
  • Hotel room key cards

Thank You 2022 Exhibitors! 



The American Society of Cytopathology (ASC), founded in 1951, is a distinguished national professional society of physicians, cytotechnologists and scientist who are dedicated to the cytologic method of diagnostic pathology. The ASC’s diverse membership includes representatives from other countries who share a vision of education, research and continuous improvement in the standards and quality of patient care. The ASC is a unique society that provides a forum where physicians and cytotechnologists can interact and network with each other on both a personal and professional level.

Recognizing that the future of medicine is in building teams of healthcare providers, the ASC collaborates with other professional organizations and government agencies to address issues relating to cytopathology. Education will remains a primary focus of these collaborations, with the outcome of improved patient care.

ASCT Services, Inc.

A special thanks to ASCT Services for their generous student sponsorships, Friday breakfast and Friday and Saturday breaks. 
ASCT SERVICES, INC. (Services) is a for-profit business created in 1998 under the auspices of the American Society for Cytotechnology (ASCT).  ASCT Services has three decades of experience and accomplishments related to work requested by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and other health organizations.  Our efforts help ensure that the highest standards of cytology laboratory practice are maintained. We have completed over 1300 surveys with a team comprised of approximately 60 supervisory level cytotechnologists, seven (7) board-certified cytopathologists and eight (8) survey team leaders.

Our Mission:   ASCT Services will offer products and services that improve patient care and benefit clients, cytology services, and the medical community in a technically sound and professional manner.

ASP Health Inc.

ASP Health is a medical device company working to bring a novel automated sample preparation device to the market for use in Rapid Onsite Evaluation applications.  Visit us at www.asp-health.com

Cell Solutions

CellSolutions develops high quality liquid based preparation and evaluation systems for cytology applications. Pending FDA-PMA approval, our primary area of focus will be women’s health, including cervical cancer screening, pre-cancer detection and evaluation of infectious disease. Currently, our products are suitable for a broad range of non-Gyn applications including urine and fine needle aspirations.

We offer a complete solution for your cytology needs, ranging from sample collection, preservation and slide preparation. Advanced image analysis and innovative slide evaluation technology
is in the final stages of development and evaluation.

Hologic, Inc.
A special thanks to Hologic for their generous student sponsorships, conference lanyards and Saturday morning breakfast sponsorship.

We achieve this by bringing The Science of Sure® to life. The Science of Sure reflects who we are as a leading innovator in women’s health, helping healthcare professionals around the world diagnose and
treat their patients with precision, certainty and confidence.

With groundbreaking technology at the core, our innovations are designed to achieve exceptional clinical results, making it possible to detect, diagnose and treat illnesses and other health conditions earlier and more effectively.

By providing early and accurate results, our goal is to minimize doubt and maximize the confidence our customers and their patients have in their decisions and diagnoses. Because when their health is in question,
nothing is more important than being sure.

Interpace Diagnostics

Interpace Diagnostics is a leading provider of molecular testing for thyroid nodules.  Our unique dual-platform test utilizing ThyGeNEXT®, an oncogene mutation panel, and ThyraMIR®, a microRNA classifier,
helps to overcome diagnostic uncertainty using our selected Markers That Matter.™

When used in combination, a 97% NPV and 75% PPV has been demonstrated within our clinical validation study where ThyGeNEXT + ThyraMIR accurately ruled-in or ruled-out disease in four out of five nodules tested—including RAS-positive nodules.  This dual-platform testing has also been validated to accurately identify Medullary Thyroid Cancer. You can view these validation and other studies at https://thygenext-thyramir.com/evidence.


We believe in harnessing science for human good. And so we work day and night, around the world, to deliver answers for all your health questions—whether you’re a provider, drug developer, hospital, medical researcher or patient. That means everything from advancing diagnostic testing, to helping launch new drugs, to offering new perspectives through data, all drawing from a deep well of scientific expertise.
So when you need trusted information to make clear, confident health decisions, consider us your source.

For over fifty years, we've developed some of the world's most advanced testing capabilities with one mission in mind: to help improve health and lives. Today, through our comprehensive clinical laboratories, we process more than 3 million patient specimens per week—and, in doing so, help medical professionals and patients make important health decisions. The insights we gain through testing then fuel our drug development practice, by identifying patterns and even individuals who might benefit from enrollment in specific drug trials. It's this combination that makes us unique.

We may have nearly 70,000 employees worldwide, but the people we think of most are the patients who benefit directly from the drugs we help develop. With the support of our diagnostics capabilities and a commitment to deliver drug trials that are both reliable and rigorous, we're able to support clinical trial research efforts in nearly 100 countries. And that's one of the reasons why fifty of the top drugs developed in 2019 were supported by our clinical data.

Milestone Medical Technologies, Inc.

Milestone Medical is proud to offer you an innovative solution to your cytology needs.  RoseSTATION is a mobile FNA cart with an on-board power supply which can be set up specifically to each customer’s needs.  RoseSTATION is Milestone’s all-in-one solution to arriving rapidly on-site with a standardized work platform containing all tools required to maximize efficiency and standardization. 

Nikon Instruments

Nikon Instruments Inc. is the US microscopy arm of Nikon Healthcare, a world leader in the development and manufacture of optical and digital imaging technology for biomedical applications. With over 100 years of optical design expertise, Nikon offers industry-leading microscope systems for clinical pathology including digital pathology and remote slide viewing and sharing. See the difference with Nikon optics and digital solutions.

Praxis Medical Devices

Praxis Medical is committed to developing innovative technologies that address unmet clinical needs to improve the lives of doctors, providers, and most importantly, patients. CytoCore is the world's first motorized biopsy device that rotates a fine needle at the time of biopsy to harvest highly cellular specimens, in fewer passes, using minimally invasive 25-22g needles. It is designed to minimize risk, reduce procedure times, and provide better outcomes for patients. It is approved for use in any soft tissue. Praxis Medical is currently developing a sister product for EBUS biopsies called EndoCore, which is still investigational and not available for purchase. Stop by our booth to learn more and see the devices firsthand!


Quest Diagnostics empowers people to take action to improve health outcomes.  Derived from the world’s largest database of clinical lab results, our diagnostic insights reveal new avenues to identify and treat disease, inspire healthy behaviors and improve health care management.  We serve half of the physicians and hospitals in the United States.  QuestDiagnostics.com.