The Voice

The Voice provides ASCT members with timely information on federal regulations, litigation, press releases, continuing education opportunities and job openings. It is emailed to over ASCT member cytotechnologists, pathologists, physicians and students of cytotechnology, as well accredited cytotechnology programs across the country.

The Voice is now delivered via email to all members. The Voice will, of course, continue to be of the highest quality, providing valuable and relevant information to our members.

Benefits include:

  • Expanded and color issues without increased expenses
  • Timely communications
  • Ready accessibility to current and past issues for our members

Issues will be delivered via e-mail to all members and will be posted in the members-only section of the ASCT website. Haven’t received an e-newsletter lately? Please be sure to update your membership or send your email address to

What do you want to hear about in The VOICE?

Do you have an article or news you would like to share? Send your ideas and articles to the Editor. All articles with a byline published in The Voice are eligible for the annual Allen Achievement in Writing Award with no application necessary. Winners of this award receive $100 and a commemorative plaque and are recognized at the Annual Conference. Submit your article today!

Classified and display ad policy

Both members of ASCT and non-members may post classified advertisements and display ads to appear in the The Voice.

Terms and conditions
Advertisements for The Voice will appear in the next month’s edition. No cancellations will be accepted after the copy has been submitted for print in The Voice.

E-Newsletter (Voice) Classified Ads:
$200.00 quarter page (dimensions are 3.625" wide x 4.875" tall)
$300.00 half page (dimensions are 7.5" wide x 4.875" tall)
$500.00 full page (dimensions are 7.5" wide x 10" tall)

This payment is to be made to ASCT prior to posting of the advertisement. To assist us in properly publishing your ad, please print and complete this form(.pdf) and return it by fax or mail.

Regional & State Society Educational Conference Ads
Regional and state societies receive discounted rates on ad space when advertising educational conferences. Print and complete the Educational Conference ad form.

E-Newsletter (Voice) Educational Conference Ads:
$150.00 quarter page
$250.00 half page
$450.00 full page

Acceptance of advertising
All classified advertisements are subject to approval. The webmaster and editor reserve the right to place the word "ADVERTISEMENT" with advertising copy that resembles editorial material. Responsibilities for claims and actions based on advertising content are borne solely by the advertiser.

We prefer, that you email the advertisements to for accuracy.